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Published in Beyond Profit magazine, April 2010.  Click here for the PDF, or read the text below.  And share your thoughts!

Suppose that you are a socially minded individual with US$300,000 of spare cash to invest.  You want to invest in something socially relevant and, if possible, something unique.  You do not mind waiting years before seeing your returns materialize; as long as your money is helping society progress, you consider your investment solid.  Given these conditions, how would you invest your money?

Three young social entrepreneurs have boldly declared that, for investors with these criteria, they would be worthwhile investments.  Unlike most up-and-coming entrepreneurs, they are not looking for investments into their organizations; rather, they are looking for investments into themselves. They are essentially asking for large upfront infusions of equity, which they will use as they see fit. In return, they are offering a percentage of their annual income–specifically, 3-6%–for life. (more…)


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