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100 giggling women, all looking for a relaxing night with the girls. 85 mobile phones on silent mode. 62 cups of Diet Coke. 43 buckets of caramelized popcorn. 12 packets of tissues, for those with particularly high levels of internal emosonal attyachar.

And 1 standard-issue chick flick, with correspondingly standard-issue character clich├ęs, “funny enough” situations, tear-jerking moments, and happy endings.

From the beginning of time — or at least since Meg Ryan began acting — this genre has tried to help young, Western(ized), heterosexual women escape from real-life boy drama for 120 minutes. These movies give the audience a non-controversial, entertaining, and relatively mindless mirror to society, as the filmmakers perceive it to be at the time. The audience is expected to consume every drop, relate to it, occasionally quote from it, and eventually forget about it. (more…)


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Remember that song by Aerosmith, Pink? As in, that which is the color of passion and today just goes with the fashion? Every word in that song rings true right now, given India’s latest hyper-publicized movement (crusade by modern “netizens” ?), the Pink Chaddi Campaign.

Quick background, for those of you who (a) live in different time zones; or (b) live in this time zone, but under a very large, soundproof rock: The Pink Chaddi campaign began, as most important things in life do, as a Facebook group. It was created by the Consortium of Pub-going, Loose, and Forward Women, which came together as a response to attacks on women in pubs around the country, most notably in Mangalore, Karnataka. These attacks (which I believe included both physical assault and sexual molestation) were carried out by volunteers of the Hindu extremist group, Sri Rama Sene, in response to what they believe to be an outright “attack” on Hindu culture – that is, women frequenting pubs. The leader of this group, Pramod Muthalik, supposedly apologized for the attack itself but still “insisted it was done to save our mothers and daughters.” He has apparently threatened similar attacks if women continue acting in such a “non-Hindu” manner. And like-minded extremist groups, who characteristically get a little feisty around this time of year, have threatened to force any boy and girl found holding hands on V-day to get married. Wow. Just wow. And by the way, great measure for population control. No wonder China has higher GDP growth.


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