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100 giggling women, all looking for a relaxing night with the girls. 85 mobile phones on silent mode. 62 cups of Diet Coke. 43 buckets of caramelized popcorn. 12 packets of tissues, for those with particularly high levels of internal emosonal attyachar.

And 1 standard-issue chick flick, with correspondingly standard-issue character clich├ęs, “funny enough” situations, tear-jerking moments, and happy endings.

From the beginning of time — or at least since Meg Ryan began acting — this genre has tried to help young, Western(ized), heterosexual women escape from real-life boy drama for 120 minutes. These movies give the audience a non-controversial, entertaining, and relatively mindless mirror to society, as the filmmakers perceive it to be at the time. The audience is expected to consume every drop, relate to it, occasionally quote from it, and eventually forget about it. (more…)


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based on links my friends have been sending me, it seems like many have been sharing their thoughts on the newest film that appears to be able to walk on water. but oh well, a barrel can never have too many monkeys, can it?

oh slumdog millionaire, that which can part the seas, bridge the gap between the first and third world, and reiterate our 2008 pep rally favourite: “yes we can.” that which showcases “the real india” in a way “real indian directors” never would dare. that which allows starry-eyed liberal American college students to empathize with the poor in the comfort of their dormitories, and nod their heads with true understanding.

sorry, that last statement was a bit cynical, even for me. (more…)

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