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Published in Microfinance Insights, May/June 2009 (I just realized I never uploaded it here!). Read the article here, or just see the text below.

Depending on your perspective, Sarayu Natarajan either had an impressive or underwhelming first day as a management consultant with McKinsey & Company.  As she entered the marble-tiled office, she was escorted to the IT room, where she was given a laptop and related accessories.  She was then provided with a bank account, where her healthy salary would automatically be deposited every month.  She was introduced to her mentor (“Development Group Leader” in McKinsey-speak), who promised her an intellectually rewarding career, while gently warning her of the potentially erratic hours.  She even met the travel team, who would book business class flights and five-star hotels for her whenever required.

By conventional standards, Sarayu had “made it” in the post-college, professional sense of the phrase.  After excelling at one of India’s top universities, she had been recruited by a prestigious multinational firm, a path that was understood and respected by her peers.

So why did Sarayu – along with a growing number of talented consultants, investment bankers, venture capitalists and other professionals – decide to give it up?  Why are individuals moving from a plush professional life to careers in the social sector,1 which are, by definition, not as glamorous or as remunerative? (more…)


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